Shareholder information

Announcement of the final registration date to finalize the list of shareholders attending the 2024 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

Dear: Shareholders of Song Da 505 Joint Stock Company. Song Da 505 Joint Stock Company would like to respectfully announce the finalization of the list of shareholders attending the 2024 Annual General Meeting, specifically as follows: - Last registration date to finalize the list of shareholders: January 31, 2024 - Expected time to hold the 2024 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders: March

Ms. Dang Thuy Duong – Related person of Internal Shareholder – registered to buy S55 shares

1. Name of individual performing the transaction: Ms. Dang Thuy Duong - Person related to internal shareholders 2. Information of relevant insiders: - Mr. Dang Van Tuyen - Current position: Member of the Board of Directors - Relationship of individual conducting transactions with insiders: Con - Proportion of shares held by insiders: 472,560 shares, equivalent to 4.73% 3. Trading

Financial report 3rd quarter 2023

1. Financial report Quarter 3/2023 - Parent company 2. Financial statements Quarter 3/2023 - Consolidated 3. Explanation of Financial Statements Quarter 3-2023

Bổ nhiệm Bà Nguyễn Thùy Dương là Người phụ trách quản trị Công ty

Căn cứ theo Nghị quyết HĐQT số 63/NQ-S55-HĐQT ngày 01/08/2023 của Công ty cổ phần Sông Đà 505, chúng tôi trân trọng thông báo: BỔ NHIỆM ĐỐI VỚI: - Bà: NGUYỄN THÙY DƯƠNG - Hiện đang giữ chức vụ: Thành viên HĐQT; Kế toán trưởng - Nay Bổ nhiệm kiêm chức vụ: NGƯỜI PHỤ TRÁCH QUẢN TRỊ CÔNG TY - Ngày bắt đầu

Financial Report Quarter 2/2023

1. Financial Statement Quarter 2 - 2023 - Parent company 2. Financial Statements Quarter 2 - 2023 - Consolidation 3. Explanation of Financial Statements Quarter 2 - 2023

Decision on sanctioning of tax administrative violations

On July 18, 2023, the Company received the decision to sanction tax administrative violations from Gia Lai Tax Department for Song Da 505 Joint Stock Company: Reason: Wrong declaration of tax base leads to insufficient amount to be paid in the accounting year 2021 to 2022 Penalties and remedies for violations: - Administrative sanction: A fine of 13,570,885 VND. - Remedy: Pay the arrears and late

Signing the contract to audit and review the financial statements in 2023

AAC Auditing and Accounting Company Limited. In accordance with Resolution  55/NQ-S55-HĐQT dated June 13th, 2023 of the Board of Directors on Select an auditor for the 2023 financial statements, the Company's Director negotiated and conducted contract with the selected audit unit. The signed contract information is as follows: Contract number: 226/HDKT-AAC Signed date: June 13th, 2023

Selection of auditors for financial statements in 2023

At 09:00, on June 13th, 2023, the Board of Directors of the Company held a meeting on the selection of an auditor for the Company's 2023 financial statements. After discussion and consideration, the Board of Directors decided to select an auditor for the financial statements for 2023: - Name of the selected audit unit: AAC Accounting and Auditing Company Limited. - Scope of audit: Reviewing

Announcement: Last registration date for dividend payment in 2022

Pursuant to the Resolution of the 2023 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, Song Da 505 Joint Stock Company informs shareholders of the last registration date to pay the 2022 dividend in cash as follows: 1. Last registration date: June 15th, 2023 2. Execution rate: 15%/share (01 share will receive 1,500 VND) 3. Payment start date: July 31, 2023 Notice details please, see here.
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