Bac Na hydropwer project

Bac Na 1 hydropower project is invested in the form of B.O.O, the factory is located in Ban Lien commune, Bac Ha district, Lao Cai province, the project objective is to exploit hydropower for seve the power demand in region. 

The contruction has a number of technical parameters follows:

–          Voltage grade synchronized to electric network: 110kV  

–          Normal water raised level: 764m

–          Dead water level: 759m

–          Total volume of the reservoir Wtb: 0,259 * 106m3

–          Usefull volume of the reservoir Whi: 0,099 * 106m3

–          Calculated water column: 279 m

–          Installing capacity Nlm: 2 x 8,5 MW

–          Secure capacity Nđb: 3,35 MW

All the main equipment and operating control system of the factory provided by the contractor FLOVEL under the contract signed, Europe’s most advanced standard for similar hydropower project.

Some milestones of investment in construction of works:

–          Commencement of construction works: 01/7/2014

–          Closing diversion, reservoir water accumulation: 09/2016

–          Generate unit 1 to national network: Ngày 14/12/2016

–          Generate unit 2 to national network: Ngày 14/12/2016

Units H1, H2 completed the 72 hour test run program, which started commercial operation, officially went into operation on December 22th,2016

–          Average power volume per year Eo: 67,21 triệu kWh.
Some photos of the project:

Ngày đăng: Tuesday November 7th, 2017