Nam Bum 1 hydropower project

Nam Bum 1 hydropower project is invested in the form of BOO, the factory is located in Bum Nua commune, Muong Te district, Lai Chau province.

The contruction has a number of technical parameters follows:

– Voltage grade synchronized to electric network: 110kV

– Calculated water column: 217.17 m

– Installing capacity Nlm: 2 x 8 MW

– Secure capacity Nđb: 2 MW

Some milestones of investment in construction of works:

– Commencement of construction works: 10/2017

– Generate unit 1 to national network: 11/2019

– Generate unit 2 to national network: 12/2019

– Average electricity: 56.85 triệu kWh/year

Một số hình ảnh của dự án:

Ngày đăng: Sunday December 12th, 2021