Construction experiences

Chu Pong Krong hydropwer project

1. Investor: Hung Phuc Electrical Installation Company Limited 2. The site of construction: Nam Kha Commune, Lak District, Dak Lak Province 3. Installing capacity: 7,5 MW 4. The main construction items:  Dams, spillway, energy glands, water intake and auxiliary camps – Contract value: 87 billions dong. – Construction period: 24 months

Nam Bum 1 Hydropower Project

1. Investor: Ehula Joint Stock Company 2. The site of construction: Hua Bum Commune, Nam Nhun District, Lai Chau Province 3. Installing capacity: 16,0 MW 4. The main construction items: Construction of clusters, energy glands and factory - Contract value: 275 billions dong. - Construction period: 20 months

Xe Set 2 Hydropower Project

1. Investor: Vientiane Automation & Solution Engineering Co., Ltd 2. The site of construction: Phonexay commune, Xaysettha district, Vientian province, Laos 3. Installing capacity: 10,0 MW 4. The main construction items: Penstock, Factory, Discharge channel - Contract value: 50 bilions dong. - Construction period: 30 months  

Khanh Khe Hydropower Project

1. Investor: Thac Xang Hydropower Joint Stock Company 2. Main contractor: Việt Nam mechanization electrification and construction Joint Stock Company (Meco jsc.) 3. The site of construction: Khanh Khe Commune - Van Quan District - Lang Son Province 4. Installing capacity: 7,0 MW 5. The main construction items: Dam, spillway, diversion, penstock, factory, discharge channel, road construction -

Chi Khe Hydropower Project

1. Investor: Agrita Nghe Tinh Energy Joint Stock Company 2. The site of construction: Chi Khe Commune - Con Cuong District - Nghe An Province 3. Capacity: 41MW 4. Main construction items: Spillway; Factory, Water intake input channel, output channel; Intake Construction; Distribution Station 110KV; Managers area to operate; – Contract value: 306 billions dong – Construction time: