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Tuyển lái cẩu

  - Vị trí LÁI CẨN TRỤC THÁP + Số lượng: 2 người          Mức lương dự kiến: 10-15 triệu đồng/tháng + Yêu cầu trình độ: Bằng nghề VẬN HÀNH CẦN CẨU trở lên. + Mô tả công việc: Vận hành cẩu tháp từ 16 tấn trở lên. Tiêu chí tuyển dụng khác: - Giới tính: Nam                  

Head of shifts and Workers of hydropower plants

In order to build an efficient and timely operation of the hydropower plant, Song Da 505 Joint Stock Company has the following recruitment needs: 1. Employment information: - Location: Head of shifts + Quantity: 8 people Expected salary: 12-15 million VND / month + Qualification requirements: Graduated from technical college or higher specialized: Electrical system, Automatic control,

Worker recruitment

To complete the production and business plan in 2019, the company needs to recruit the following position: 1. Vacancy: Workers 2. Quantity: 100 people Gender: Male 3. Requirements for main qualifications and experience: - Health, enthusiasm and dedication to work - Age between 18 and 40 years old - Qualifications: Unskilled workers, preferably those with a vocational degree: welding,