ANZA Company Limited – Major shareholder – Change of ownership ratio of S55

1. Name of investor: ANZA COMPANY LIMITED

  – Business Registration No.: 0106444478

Securities Ticker: S55

3. Number of shares held before transaction: 2,313,071 shares equivalent to 23,13%.

4. Number of additional shares purchased: 153,843 shares equivalent to 1.54%.

5. Volume of holding shares after trading: 2,466,914 shares equivalent to 24.67%.

6. Time to complete the transaction to change the ownership ratio: July 18th, 2019.

So, on July 18th, 2019 ANZA Co., Ltd continues to increase its ownership at S55 code to 2,466,914 shares equivalent to 24.67%.

Ngày đăng: Thursday July 25th, 2019