Contract signing ceremony at Song Tranh 4 Hydropower Project

Today, at 09h30 January 10th 2017 at the Investor’s Office in Hanoi, Song Da 505 jsc. officially signed the contract for construction and installation of items of Song Tranh 4 Hydropower project

Some key information of the contract:

1. Investor: Song Tranh 4 hydropwer Joint Stock Company

2. The site of construction: Que Luu and Thang Phuoc Commune, Hiep Duc District, Quang Nam Province

3. Installing capacity: 48,0 MW

4. The main construction items:  Works dam construction cluster, factory and OPY station

– Contract value: 348 billions dong.

– Construction period: 26 months

Some pictures at the signing ceremony:

Ngày đăng: Wednesday January 10th, 2018